The Worst Team Money Can Buy #2

The Flushing Cyclones were at it again. They followed up taking two. and looking good doing it, against the Yankees by dropping two in the Day-Night DH against the Braves.

The Mets dropped the early part of the DH 6-1 in typical Mets fashion.

Luis Castillo had a solo HR in the first then proceeded to make Braves starter Tom Glavine look like it was game #162 of 2007. The Mets pounded the ball, had two runners on and then hit 2 line drives to close out the inning.

Then Glavine looked like 1998 Glavine. The Mets rolled over and took it. Glavine got 17 in a row after that, part of a 23 up & down run.

This was a typical Mets effort, take a day off after looking good for 2 days.

As for Mets pitching today, John Maine didn’t have “it” but left the game having “only” surrendered 4 runs in 4 innings.

Scott Schoenweis went 2 innings and looked good in a long man type roll…

…and then came Aaron Heilman. As sure as the sun rises and sets every day, Aaron came in and gave up a 2 run HR. Even though the Mets weren’t hitting, he took the wind out of the sails from whatever hope the Mets had of a comeback.

I’m not sure why Joe Smith pitched in Sunday’s blowout and Heilman was brought into today’s 3 run game…but such is Willie Randolph.

BTW, Willie Randolph canceled batting practice today. I’m not sure why, the Mets had a day off following the Sunday night game. But that just typical Willie, not pressing down of the gas pedal (I hope criticizing Willie doesn’t brand me as a racist)..and his players took the day off.

Sickening. But that was only game 1, there was more to come in the night CRAP.

In game 2, the Mets faced Jorge Campillo who was making his 2nd career start. So if you follow the Mets, you had to expect the Mets to do nothing against him. The Mets can’t bat against guys with little experience or guys who’s ERA’s are 7+.

Mets starter Claudio Vargas, like Maine in the first game, wasn’t great but wasn’t horrible either. He had problems with his command early and staked the Braves to a 4-0 lead after 3. He settled down after that but it was too late for the Mets, who had little offense.

On the last play of the game, Mets MVP Ryan Church took a Yunel Escobar knee to the head in trying to break up a double play at 2B. The collision knocked off Church’s helmet and he hit his forehead on the durt. Church was taken to the hospital with a mild concussion, his 2nd concussion in 3 months.

It should be noted that hardly any teammates came out to see how Church was doing as he laid face down on the ground in a daze…that speaks volumes about the makeup of this team.

In the Mets defense, they were probably rushing to have a big reunion party with Tom Glavine.

Who knows how long Church will be out but the Mets will be without its best and most reliable batter and its best and most reliable fielder. The next week or so should be fun.

Not much to write about the Mets at the plate outside of Jose Reyes going 2-for-4 with an RBI. Hopefully he can get things going, which should hopefully get the rest of the lineup going.

Until then, the Mets show no game plan at the plate and its time to start questioning what, if anything, Howard Johnson is doing as batting coach.

In fact, I question what Rick Peterson is doing as pitching coach as well. It seems like anytime the Mets pitchers (anyone not named Johan Santana) are ahead in the count, they try to get the batter to nibble at junk instead of going right at them.

Can you think of any Mets pitcher who has a strikeout pitch?

Its getting harder and harder to watch this team. From its paranoid, delusional, and just plain dumb manager to the players lack of pride, fire, and approach to the game. It is quickly turning into another version of The Worst Team Money Can Buy.

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