BREAKING: Mets Player Actually Gives A Crap

Actually, its not that surprising that David Wright is not taking this Mets malaise too lightly.

In a piece for, Marty Noble writes:

The face of the franchise was sad and flushed with frustration and touches of anger. The Mets had done the improbable in two nights in Dixie, removed the smile from the lips of their de facto captain and replaced it with an unfamiliar purse.

The word repeatedly spoken by Wright on Tuesday was “mediocrity” — and variations thereof. He said it as if it were four letters and profane. And Wednesday night when an 11-4 loss to the Braves put the Mets’ winning percentage right at mediocrity, the word he used often was “embarrassed.”

“Extremely embarrassed,” Wright said.

“I can accept losing,” Wright said. “Not easily, but every team loses here and there. But to go out and give the effort we’re giving, to go out and lose without a fight …”

His voice trailed off in much the same way his team has.

“I just don’t think we have the fire I would hope we’d have,” Wright said.

Standing at his locker, most of his teammates already departed, Wright pointed toward manager Willie Randoph’s office, then to the room where the coaches dress.

“The problem,” he said, “isn’t there or in there. … The problem is with us, in here.”

Without any other pointing, he wondered aloud about the general confidence of a team that now has 22 victories, 22 losses and more problems than solutions. The Mets had been beaten by a team with less talent and, now, with more injured key personnel.

“Losing like this, I hope, would ruin their nights,” Wright said of his departed teammates.

He didn’t appear to think that it had.

“I want them to take it personally when we lose,” he said. “I want them to be ticked off.

“If it was a matter of talent, it’d be different. If we just weren’t any good, I could put my head on the pillow at night and sleep. But to got through the motions every night …”

Wright interrupted himself again.

“Talking about it doesn’t get it done,” he said.

“It’s hard to lose a doubleheader,” Wright said. “It’s actually hard. Ninety percent are splits. And after losing two and getting embarrassed, you’d expect to come out and fight today.

“And we didn’t.”

I have nothing more to add here except that Wright needs to be made team captain IMMEDIATELY.

3 Responses

  1. If anything good comes out of all of this recent Met hoopla, perhaps the most important will be the emergence of David Wright as the team leader. Of course, imo, this will only happen if a managerial change is made, and an attitude shift occurs.

    Delgado’s had his day in the sun. Too bad he probably isn’t tradeable, at this point; otherwise, his head would be right on the block, right next to Heilman’s.

    Which is another thing I want to discuss on my blog — how the Mets ruined Heilman. FCOL, at this point, what does either side have to lose — PUT HIM IN THE MINORS, AND SEE IF HE CAN CUT THE MUSTARD AS A STARTER!!!! Heaven only knows we need another reliable starter…. *sigh.*

  2. deb, have a cookie – that is what i was saying on my WWCD post last week? I believe, and Joe Janish can prob confirm, that he has options left.

  3. Go take a look, Coop – I just posted it.

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