Thankfully I Fell Asleep On This One

The game was 4-4 when I fell asleep but the Mets ended losing to the Rockies 6-5 in 13. I’m glad I fell asleep. There were mistakes by Jose Reyes and Willie Randolph and another elderly Mets player (Marlon Anderson) got hurt, so it was a typical day in Metsland.

Ollie Perez was erratic all night, no surprise there. But despite giving up 5 hits and 7 walks through 5 innings, he only surrendered 2 runs. Staked with a 4-2 lead, Randolph departed from his usual strategy of taking out starters when they hit 100 pitches (Perez had somewhere around 105 pitches going in) and let Perez start the 6th inning.

While I am more of an old school guy and think pitchers should go more than 100 pitches, like they did just a few years ago, it made little sense to go any further with Perez there. When your pitcher gives up 7 walks, sometimes its better to just call it a night.

So Perez gives up a lead off single (hit #6) and follows it up with walk #8 on the night. Two on, none out…the end of Perez’s night.

Joe Smith came in and ended up giving up a 2 run double. I can’t fault Smith, as he’s been nearly perfect in stranding inheirited runners all season.

After getting a 1 run lead in the 7th, Billy Wagner was brought in to save the 9th. He gave up a solo HR to Matt Holiday.

In the top of the 10th, Reyes got a lead off double and then proceeded to get picked off 2nd on what might have been a balk but was definitely a bonehead play by Reyes nonetheless.

One the positive side for the Mets…

Carlos Delgado and Fernando Tatis (who replaced Anderson after he left the game with a Hamstring injury) hit HRs and Scott Schoeneweis pitched 2 nearly perfect innings, surrendering a walk and no hits.

Another night, another Mets loss. When will it end?


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