The Mets Franchise Has Sunk To An All Time Low

In my 30 years of New York Mets fandom, I do not think I have ever felt this negative about the team.

I have seen 100 losses in a season

I have seen more losing seasons than winning

I have seen a team with 5 different uniform options

I have seen firecrackers and bleach thrown by “The Worst Team Money Can Buy”

I have seen flooded bathrooms and broken escalators on Opening Day

I have seen Benitez, Rojas, and Looper.

I have experienced a lot of crap over the years, but never have I felt as low as I did after I witnessed the sort of sickening nonsensical crap that occurred at Shea yesterday.

Who calls a press conference to discuss a meeting where nothing really occurred?

Nothing at all was revealed at the long awaited post Minaya/Randolph/Wilpon meeting press conference at Shea yesterday that we didn’t already know. The only thing I learned yesterday is that I am actually capable of feeling bad for Willie Randolph, a man that I have no love for as a manager.

I felt bad for Willie because he had to sit there and field all sorts of uncomfortable questions about his job when the reality was, NOTHING HAD CHANGED.

Nothing of substance was said by Minaya yesterday about Willie’s status. The only thing Minaya was definitive about was that he felt he was doing a damn good job. Joel Sherman made a very good point in today’s New York Post:

Minaya, ostensibly, came to the press conference to offer support for Randolph. However, he refused to endorse Randolph to manage the rest of the year, and kept suggesting the roster is of championship timber.

“I think we have championship talent,” Minaya said. “There’s a difference between championship talent and a championship team. But we do believe, and I think across the board if you talk to most people in baseball, we have championship talent.”

The translation to that might as well have been: “I put it together well and Willie is managing it badly.”

I felt bad for Willie because Omar Minaya, the Teflon GM, continues to make Willie the target and the eventual scapegoat for Minaya’s ill conceived roster of players put together as if it were a fantasy baseball team. This is a $140 million dollar team filled with age, injury, and indifference.

Minaya is the guy who not only hired Randolph when 12 other teams (including the Mets once before) didn’t think Willie was the right guy for their 15 managerial openings. Minaya is the guy that has counted on players like Pedro and Alou that shouldn’t be counted on. He is the guy who has built a team without Plan B’s at 1B & LF.

Minaya is also the guy who’s alleged World Series contender has to rely on Nelson Figueroa, Claudio Vargas, and Mike Pelfrey as starting pitchers. He is the guy who is responsible for a farm system mostly devoid of talent. He is the guy who put together a team of players who largely don’t give a crap.

Omar Minaya is not yet in Isiah Thomas territory, but he is fast approaching. Thankfully, the Mets don’t have to contend with a Sexual Harassment lawsuit.

Minaya is a snake oil salesman, a charlatan of a GM…and he has the Wilpons fooled badly. Minaya brought back Randolph this year as a scapegoat and thats exactly what continued yesterday.

The Wilpons? They are the Dolans without the paranoia.

I know the Wilpons have nothing but the best intentions but they seem to put their trust in the wrong people. From where I sit, the current Mets regime isn’t all that much different from the last one.

The only thing I learned yesterday was that the Wilpons should get into the circus business, because yesterday was a circus…andthey seem like they would be good at that. Though I guess they are also good at running a mediocre baseball franchise.

Firing Willie yesterday may not have fixed the major problems with this team but it would have at least made the majority of the fan base happier and probably would clear the cloud of negativity and malaise that hangs of this team, at least for a little while.

Oh and BTW, in case you still care…The Mets lost to the Marlins 7-3 thanks to another Jose Reyes error, another poor Pelfrey outing, another game where Carlos Beltran did nothing at the plate (but did let a 3 run double go by him), it was another game where the Mets were down early and didn’t come close to coming back.


2 Responses

  1. I think you have raised the best point of them all. I know we cannot call the Wilpons cheap – they spend money. Just wisely is the better question. I know you dislike Omar – but I have to wonder, with the list of things you have seen as a Mets fan over the years – just how much of this is all Wilpon calls – we all know they hated Milledge, so Omar traded him. Then the Johan trade happened – i know it’s easy to say it was a no-brainer, but I think all of us would have been OK with no Johan because now we are stuck with not even a Plan Z – ok, maybe Plan Z was Evans coming up. But this is a pathetic state of affairs and I wonder just how much of this were the Wilpons and their supposed full authority promise to Omar – it’s hogwash.

  2. Hey Cor I was just thinking, we need to organize an effort to storm CitiField (or at the very least, the teams ticketing offices) to get a firm answer on when we find out what the pricing structure is at Citi and where we are sitting

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