Hey Delgado: STFU!

Apparantly Carlos Delgado doesn’t ever look at his statistics.

Bart Hubbuch has the following quote in today’s New York Post :

“We’re gonna have to talk,” Delgado said yesterday when asked how he would respond to Randolph about platooning against lefties. “Obviously, I would not talk to you before I talk to him. I haven’t said anything, but I want to make it clear.”

Is there any question that this guy is a $13 million cancer on this team?

At the risk of losing whatever little credibility this blog has, I am going to pass along a quote made famous by The Rock of WWE fame:

Hey Carlos Delgado…

Shut your mouth and KNOW YOUR ROLE!


3 Responses

  1. Oh puleeze – Delgado can bite it as far as I’m concerened. Oh and cor – will you be at shea this weekend (sat) for your sat tailgate? email me off line if so – we can meet up. i plan to get there a bit early

  2. Corey: just for accuracy’s sake, wouldn’t that be a sixteen million dollar cancer???? 😉
    Actually, I have no problem with Delgado wanting to play, or even being vocal about it–I want everybody on the club to be upset when they are on the bench. I would only have a problem if Willie gave in to pressure from one of his players. Let’s hope that the inmates are not running the asylum, as it were.

  3. Bill R. will not let Delgado be the dicta-TOR any longer. Bill R. will play whom he wants to play. Bill R. has now taken control, and Chucky D will have little choice but to conform or sit until Bill R. tells him to play.

    Bill R.’s got it going on, until further notice, hee hee hee :).

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