Blow The Whole Damn Thing Up!

Like so often during my 30 years of Mets fandom, he Mets are once again a disgusting joke of a franchise.


A laughingstock.

There have been plenty of seasons in those 30 years where you knew to expect nothing but horrible baseball. Expecting to lose is never fun but it makes being a fan that much easier.

I became a Mets fan in 1978, when I was 6. So I was too young at the time to understand the depths of the misery that was occurring at the time on the field at Shea. By the time I started to really understand the game, I was 12 and it was the “Catch The Rising Stars” team in 1984. A competitive team in 1985 preceded the hysteria of 1986.

It was all downhill from there.

Frank Cashen and the Wilpon/Doubleday ownership quickly started dismantling important pieces of the 1986 puzzle. The 1988 season ended abruptly in the playoffs to the Dodgers and then it was10 years of misery. The “Worst Team Money Can Buy” and all that other fun stuff.

With this Mets team, I feel like its the early 90’s all over again.

Where’s my plaid flannel shirt?

The sad thing is, none of us expected it to happen at this time. We all bought the bill of goods we have been sold about this team by the Wilpons and the inept GM that they so enamor, Omar Minaya.

They told us this is supposed to be a championship calibur team and we all believed them. But I now I accept the 2008 Mets as being mediocre at best. Thats all they have been for over a year now and now I accept that this is all they can be.

Its time for us to stop being disgusted by this bunch of players. They are what they are.

Some Mets players are young and talented with have many great years ahead of them, many of them are too old to effectively deliver the results that are foolishly asked of them in what is a young man’s game. None of them, young or old, are leaders.

Its not Carlos Beltran’s fault that the Mets ask him to be a clean up hitter because they really don’t have one, that Beltran’s talent and personality dictate that he should be batting 2nd or 5th, and that he is not clutch.

It’s not Aaron Heiman’s fault that the Mets force him to be a relief pitcher when he wants to start.

Carlos Delgado? It’s not his fault he can stop the hands of times and the Mets had no “Plan B” at first base.

Seriously, if you were Luis Castillo, would you tell the Mets that the 4 year contract you are offering me is too long and too lucrative in light of my knee problems and my advancing age?

It is also time for us to stop expecting so much out of Willie Randolph. He is what he is.

Randolph does not have a great baseball mind. Randolph does not have any ability or the desire to adapt to any situation as it develops. Randolph does not know how to motivate. Randolph does not defend his players. Randolph has no prior managerial experience to reflect upon or learn from nor has he grown as a manager in his fourth season with the Mets.

Most of all, its time for us to stop expecting Omar Minaya to magically become an effective GM who can not only hire the best people to surround and support him in the front office but also put the best players on the field throughout the organization.

Its far more important to take care of your pals than it is to develop a winning team. Maybe Michael Lewis can write a follow-up to Money Ball about Minaya and call it “Crony Ball”?

In “Crony Ball”, Lewis can examine such topics as:

1. How you should hire a friend like Tony Bernazard who has ZERO scouting experience rather than put someone who knows what they are doing in charge of your minor league system.

After all, having a guy with no scouting experience makes it so much easier to trade pitchers like Heath Bell and Matt Lindstrom while getting absolutely nothing at all in return.

Who cares if the farm system is empty? The only thing that counts is what happens this season in the majors…and if something goes wrong in the majors, blame the guy you hired to be manager.

2. How you should hire the oldest players possible to play key roles on your team. Bonus points if the old player is Latino and/or you have a personal connection with him.

Who cares if Moises Alou is 42 and has missed hundreds of games over the last few seasons, he sure is a professional hitter!

El Duque once survived floating on a raft to escape Cuba, surely he can overcome his advanced age and laundry list of annual injuries to win a Cy Young.

3. Picking up guys that other GMs wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole and/or didn’t even know were still major league baseball players makes you look like a genius if it works out. Bonus points if said player is Latino.

Since 2003, Fernando Tatis has only played in the majors for a little while in 2006? Awesome! Sign him up!

Willie Randolph wasn’t hired by all those other teams for the 15 job openings? I’ll hire him and prove all those silly gooses wrong!

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. The GM of this team needs to go IMMEDIATELY.

The Mets have been inexplicably carrying 3 catchers this week. WTF is Robinson Cancel doing on this team and why is he pinch hitting in games instead of Ramon Castro?

Speaking of Castro, why doesn’t he realize that the times printed on the Mets schedule are east coast times? But I digress…

Getting back to the Mets and the farm system. Who the F is Abraham Nunez and why the F is he on the Mets?

Where is the freakin’ young talent in the farm system?

Fred and Jeff, are you paying attention to this mess or are you so wrapped up with the building of the shrine to the Brooklyn Dodgers next door to Shea Stadium that you are ignoring the mess going on inside Shea Stadium?

Before you guys do anything else, you need to hire a baseball guy to be your right hand man. A Baseball czar, if you will.

Jeff & Fred I am sure you have the best intentions and you certainly have spent a good amount of cash on the team. But you just don’t seem to hire the right people. You thought Minaya was the right guy to turn things around with the Mets but here we are in 2008 and it feels an awful like Jim Duquette in 2005.

Hire someone to make the high level baseball decisions and you guys can stick to running the business of the Mets. let this guy be the one to pick the next GM of the Mets.  You guys don’t seem to be too good at picking GM’s.

You guys have bought into all the BS that Minaya has spewed to you. He has even talked you guys into keeping Willie around to be his scapegoat for this mess TWICE (once after last season and again two weeks ago)! Minaya may be a dumb GM but he’s smart enough to continue to use Willie to be his fall guy.

Change needs to occur with this team and it should start with the GM. If the Mets start a fire sale, I do not want Minaya handling that situation while he tries to save his job.


2 Responses

  1. I’m starting to come around to your side about axing Minaya. This team is too flawed in too many ways to just give him a pass. Don’t even get me started about the roster moves and the way the DL is handled. Not just with Church, but for the last few years. They’re always, ALWAYS playing with a short bench.

    The problem with blowing it up is, even if the Wilpon’s decide to make a change from the top down, there are too many players and contracts that can’t be traded. With Johan locked in for the next six years, Beltran having a no-trade, and assuming Wright, Reyes, Church, Maine, Pelfrey and Smith are kept to build around, what can any GM do with the rest of this mess??

    Who’s going to take Delgado? Even if they eat the rest of his contract and buyout, what can they realistically expect to get back? Who’s taking Castillo for the next 3 1/2 years? Heilman’s pitched himself out of having any value. Will someone take a chance on trading for Pedro if he proves himself healthy for the next month? Ditto for Alou.

    Maybe they can get something good for Sanchez at the deadline. Same with Scho. Some contending team may consider Castro an upgrade over their current catching situation. Do Endy or Anderson have any value? Does Ollie?

    Even if you could trade these guys for low-level prospects, who can you bring up to replace these guys at the major league level? The system has nothing.

    The thought of blowing it up sounds great. The reality of blowing it up is grim.

  2. What you said, doubled.

    And more.

    As long as Minaya and Randolph are the brain trust for the Mets, little will change.

    I predict the Wilpons will still try to sell this mess of a team as a contender this year, then make wholesale changes after the season is over. Which is a shame, but that’s what I think will happen. At least one good thing will come of it — Omar won’t get the chance to eff up a possible fire sale. But the Mets should replace both Randolph and Minaya before the All-Star Break, and if the team is continuing on the same path it’s currently on, execute that there fire sale hasta pronto with a competent GM.

    But really, the entire organization needs to be rebuilt, from the top down, or the bottom up — you choose.

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