John Delcos Vs. The Mets

John Delcos, the Mets beat writer for The Journal News is on FIRE on his Mets Blog today.  He rightfully says the the Mets should be “ashamed” regarding their mishandling of the Ryan Church situation.

I asked Omar Minaya, sarcastically, I admit, where Church got his medical degree so he could make such a decision. The Mets weren’t happy with the question and told me so, and my response was to tell them I still thought they mishandled the situation.

I even got a nasty e-mail from someone, asking who I was to question Minaya. Whoa. I am supposed to question authority in my business and not drink the Kool-Aid. Of course, I haven’t gotten an apology email from that gutless wonder.

Really Delcos.  How dare you question the great Teflon GM, Omar Minaya?  Since Minaya loves to employ old and oft-injured ballplayers, Minaya has more medical knowledge than you will ever know.  Plus Minaya knows George W. Bush and thus he too is an all knowing genius merely by association with #43.

If what the Mets are saying is true, that the doctors said Church was all right, then those doctors should be fired, and I mean RIGHT NOW.


I am not sure if someone can be more right than Delcos.  I have nothing to add here.

Willie Randolph said concussions weren’t common in baseball and little is known about them. When I asked if the team didn’t seek advice from the Giants, Jets or Rangers, who deal with concussions all the time, he said he didn’t think so.

Well, why the hell not? And, by the way, plenty is known about concussions. Also, while I’m in full attack mode right now, how as manager can you not know what the front office is doing regarding your best player so far this year?

If you don’t know, then ask somebody who does.

Minaya is at fault for not making the DL decision earlier and not seeking a second opinion. Randolph is at fault for not benching him completely. The training staff is at fault for not insisting Church should sit or finding out more.

Incompetence all around.  Given the current state of the Mets, I am not at all surprised about this situation.

The Mets got chippy when I and other reporters questioned what the team’s priority was, the health of the player or putting the best team on the field. Can’t see an apology coming from them, either.

Just dumb and arrogant from top to bottom. They should be ashamed, but I doubt they have that capability.

Best. Blog. Entry. Ever.

Well done Mr. Delcos!  Erin Brokovich is jealous of the great job you did here.


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  1. This was pretty great – and I think you nailed it – it had to have been bernazard who wrote to delcos. who cares? delcos does his job well, omar hasn’t been lately. bravo!

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