Hard To Get Excited Over This One

The Mets won 5-3 in 13. Yay.

The big story here is that the Mets managed to blow Mike Pelfrey’s great ( 8 innings, 1 Run, 5 hits, 8 Ks) pitching performance either through Willie Randolph’s incompetence or Billy Wagner’s inability to be effective unless he comes into the beginning of an inning with no outs and no runners on base.

Randolph let Pelfrey lead off the bottom of the 8th as a batter with the Mets up 3-0 at the tine. Considering that Pelfrey was cruising along, it wasn’t a mistake to attempt to let him finish out the game. But Willie took Pelfrey out in the top of the 9th after allowing just a lead off hit.

This is where I scratch my head about Willie. He should have either given Pelfrey some more rope there and allow him to try to finish the game or started the 9th with Wagner.

If Willie was going to have such a quick hook on Pelfrey in the 9th before the tying run ever had a chance of getting to the plate, then he should have just pinch hit for him in the bottom of the 8th. A 3 run lead is not a certain win, especially with the team losing the way the way it has as of late.

Plus Willie should know that Wagner is ridiculous when it comes to being put in shaky situations. Every fan seems to know that Wags is best when he comes in for the beginning of an inning.

So of course, Wagner puts another runner on. Then with 2 outs, he gives up a game tying 3 run HR.

But it shouldn’t have come to that point because the Mets only managed to score 3 runs.

Carlos Beltran’s walk off 2 run HR in the 13th was the most anti-climatic ho-hum extra innings walk off ever. Thats what the Mets have done to its fanbase. They have managed to sicken and anger us for months and they managed to ruin a night where you should have felt great about The Big Pelf….and that is just sad.


2 Responses

  1. If willie knows his guys so well, as he loves to tell us every chance he gets, how come he hasn’t figured out that Billy Wagner is best when starting the ninth and pretty much crap coming in at any other time. We watch the same games he does, right? Why doesn’t willie get the same queazy feeling we do every time Wagner either:

    a) Comes in for a 4-out save or
    b) Comes in with an inherited runner(s)

    I actually understand what willie was trying to do with Pelfrey, I just don’t agree with it. It was in-between, indecisive managing. He should have either pinch hit for him in the eighth and allowed Wagner to start the ninth (my personal preference), or given Pelfrey more than one batter before pulling him. If his pitch count was low enough to start the inning, it was low enough to try to finish the inning.

    If letting Pelfrey start the ninth is supposed to boost his confidence level, what does pulling him after one batter and letting him watch helplessly from the bench as his win disappears do to his confidence level? If I’m Pelfrey, I have to be wondering what I have to do to get a win at this point.

  2. I was at Shea for the daytime debacle against the Diamondbacks on June 12. It seems Wagner now can’t come into a game at the start of the ninth inning and emerge unscathed, either.

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