Wagner: “I Suck”

Billy Wagner blew another game yesterday but at least he is a stand up guy.  After the game, he owned up to reporters about his poor play as of late:

“I’m just not getting done. Really, I haven’t got an answer. I mean, it’s frustrating…to go out there and just stink. Sometimes you can go out there and say, ‘stuff happens,’ but this is ridiculous right now. I’m just awful…I’m sick to death just sitting there, to see what our team is doing, and have a chance to win, and I got out there and just suck…I can’t say a bad thing about our team, I suck. I just can’t get it done right now.”

Out of the countless Mets problems right now, Wagner is pretty much near the bottom of my list. That said, this rough patch for him couldn’t have possibly come at a worse time. If he doesn’t blow 3 in a row, the Mets are still above .500 today and we all probably would have a slightly positive/optimistic feeling about their chances to turn things around.


One Response

  1. My favorite Wagner quote from this fiasco was when a reporter asked him what he has to do to turn things around, Wagner deadpanned, “Get three guys out before they score.” Classic.

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