Midnight Massacre 2: Mets Never Fail To Embarrass

Gutless, embarrassing, yet well deserved.

The Mets fired Willie Randolph allong with Tom Nieto and Rick Peterson last night at just before midnight in California, just before 3 AM in NY…following a Mets 9-6 win over the Angels and following a cross country flight made Sunday night/

Teflon GM Omar Minaya was waiting at the Mets hotel in Costa Mesa to whack Randolph and his two coaches, he didn’t ever have the guts to show up at Angels Stadium.

The truth us, I am not sad to see Willie go. I was never a fan of his, not even in 2006. But the manner in which this firing transpired is absolutely disgusting and I feel bad for Willie and I yet again embarrassed to be a Mets fan.

The Dolans Wilpons run this team like a joke. I am tired of seeing 5 different uniforms and 3 different caps, I am tired of nonsensical marketing promotions, I am tired about hearing about how CitiField is going to honor the heritage of the Brooklyn Dodgers, I am tired of different ticket prices based on who and when the Mets are playing.

Most of all, I am tired of the front office almost always doing the wrong thing.

The time to fire Randolph was following the 2007 collapse. But then Minaya would have started this season on the hot seat…or maybe not, you never know with the Dolans Wilpons. They seem to be dazzled by Minaya’s BS.

Minaya is probably safe today and for the foreseeable future knowing what Charles and James Fred and Jeff are capable of.

But the truth of the matter is that Randolph deserved to be fired, he hasn’t proven himself worthy of continuing on and the players clearly don’t respond to him.

It should have happened at any number of points over the last few weeks, but not in the middle of the night following two straight wins and the long coast-to-coast trip.  For days upon days, Willie had to sit there and answer questions about his job status because some gutless idiot in the front office (take your pick) leaked to the media that Willie was in jeopardy…and he did not deserve that treatment.

My favorite New York sports columnist, Michael Vaccaro sums it up better than I ever could on the New York Post website this morning:

Well, the men who run the Mets are quite obviously simple men, and sinister men, cowards cloaked in “no comments,” who have seen the way their baseball team has performed this year obviously decided: people don’t just need to be fired.

They need to be humiliated.

What a crowd these bums are, all of them, from the Wilpons at the top to Omar Minaya down below, all of them who conspired to botch this firing worse than any firing has ever been botched. Ever. You wouldn’t trust these guys to run a 7-11, let alone a National League baseball team. What a joke. What a cowardly, dastardly joke.

A midnight massacre.

A three-a.m. thrashing.

Disgraceful. Utterly, completely, disgraceful.

And here’s the ridiculous part: they could have gone through the transaction of what they did – firing Randolph, firing Rick Peterson, firing Tom Nieto, elevating Jerry Manuel and Ken Oberkfell and Luis Aguayo and Dan Warthen, at any time across the past few weeks and they would have been perfectly justified.

Hell, if they wanted to raze the whole staff last October, after the epic collapse of September, that would have been all right, too. You may not have agreed with it (although a loud segment of Mets fans surely would have). But that would have simply been a baseball decision. And the baseball was enough to warrant it.

This? This is unspeakable. These men couldn’t have been fired in New York, before heading on a plane and flying 3,000 miles to their doom? They couldn’t have been spared the ignominy of a public perp walk back east, their dignity thrown into their carry-on luggage?


Is this the best the Mets can do? Is this really what they are about? Can they really consider themselves a professional operation when they do the simplest task in sports, firing the manager, this wretchedly?

What we know now is that Randolph was so much better than the men he worked for it’s as if they were playing a different game in a different league. What a fiasco. What a joke. Less than two years after Game 7, less than nine months from opening their signature ballpark, the Mets reveal themselves, again, for what they’ve been for too long.

A cheap, unfunny joke.

Run by a miserable cast of miscreants. Good for Randolph, Peterson and Nieto. They may not know this, but their lot in life just got a bit brighter, getting away from this batch of bums.

I hope the Dolans Wilpons have let Minaya know that he is next on the chopping block should this season not turn around. If Jerry Manuel doesn’t get better results out of this $140 million team, then clearly the problem is Minaya (which I already know it is).

The Mets are too old, too brittle, too heartless, and devoid of a future on the farm. Just a few short years after Minaya was supposed to be the regime change that the Mets needed, it feels like we are back at square 1.


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