Say It Ain’t So…Bernazard Is Next GM?

Adam Rubin reports in today’s Daily News that Teflon GM Omar Minaya’s errand boy VP & head of minor league operations, Tony Bernazard, might be next in line for the GM spot should Minaya be fired.

In the Mets’ highly political environment, the no-nonsense Bernazard appears to have gained the trust and respect of chief operating officer Jeff Wilpon.

Bernazard, whose responsibilities include overseeing the farm system, has differentiated himself from Minaya by positioning himself as someone who stresses homegrown players – resisting, for example, parting with young pitcher Deolis Guerra in the Johan Santana deal.

The lack of major-league-ready minor leaguers is a major vulnerability for Minaya, who inherited an $83 million payroll from Jim Duquette and raised it to $138 million in four years with wild free-agent spending while neglecting a farm system that has been unable to help the Mets when they have suffered injuries.

WTF? No seriously. WTF?

Obviously Minaya deserves ultimate blame for the state of the Mets both at the major and minor levels. But how does the guy IN CHARGE OF THE MINOR LEAGUES for the Mets escape blame for all the trades they have made where they underestimated the minor leaguer they were trading and got completely hosed?

I guess nothing surprises me anymore when a Wilpon is involved.

My suggestion to the Wilpons remains the same as it did about a week ago. Hire a SVP type to oversee the baseball side of your business. Let this guy hire your GM.

Jeff, I know you fancy yourself as this great baseball mind. But you are not.  You OK’d the Scott Kazimir trade, that should be enough to relinquish all baseball related decision making.

This is not the Brooklyn Cyclones. There is much more to handle at the Major League level than deciding what inning Sandy The Seagull should dance on top of the dugout.

The atmosphere surrounding this team has been absolutely horrible. Say what you want about Willie Randolph’s managerial ability but there is no doubt that Bernazard undermined his credibility in the clubhouse.

Do you want someone like that running the team? Do you really?

Jeffy, do you realize that Bernazard has no experience as a scout and he certainly hasn’t distinguished himself while running your minor leagues. What exactly about Tony tells you that he would be even a halfway decent GM?

Here’s a idea. Your dad really really really misses the Brooklyn Dodgers. I’m not sure where or when I heard about this but I think its true.

So why not exhume the body of former Dodgers executive Branch RIckey and make him the GM? His corpse would probably make better decisions than Bernazard.

2 Responses

  1. this is great Cor – like you, I nearly fell off my chair when i read this. with all NY media venom spewing around Bernazard’s name these days (even with Tony B coming out on the defensive and not answering questions), have we not learned that when other people meddle with the GM’s state of affairs, it f’s the team up for at least two years (usually more, that’s the trend we’ve seen since 2000 at least). enough – I agree, there needs to be a separate position for baseball guys. Just b/c Jeff has lots of $$ doesn’t mean that he has common sense. In fact, he probably packs his brain with $$.

  2. This is just an absolute joke. Much has been said about the Mets making moves to make the team more Latin. Bernazard is the guy behind that strategy as said by Delgado when they approached him a few years back. You have to wonder about some of the moves by the Mets. Signing old broken down players (Castillo, Alou to name a few) for multi-million, multi-year contracts that put the Mets in a hole for years to come. Bernazard obviously had something to say about these moves. I can’t imagine he was against all of these decisions by Minaya. The thought that this guy could get the top job is just flat out scary. He was the one that went to the Latin players behind Willie’s back. I wouldn’t want to be a non-latin player or coach on one of his teams.

    If anything, the guy the Mets just hired as Minaya’s special assistant is the guy I would tab as the next GM. He has made big strides with the Reds farm system. It is the fact the Reds 1) didn’t want to spend $$ on the major league level and 2) just went through an ownership change whereby the owners wanted their own man was the only reason he was let go.

    Supposedly the Wilpon’s have backed Minaya but we know how much their word is worth. The reality is that after losing 2 to the Yanks AT HOME, the Mets are really just a .500 team. It is time to prepare for next season. I know the NL is weak and anything can happen. Look at the ’06 Cards. But the reality is that the Mets need to get younger. I would start exploring deals for Ollie Perez. He will be a FA and I doubt the Mets will pay him what his crazy agent thinks he is worth. I am sure someone will give a lefty that can win 15 at least 10 million a year if not more. He isn’t worth it. Would an AL team take a shot on Delgado as a DH? Probably not unless the Mets eat 1/2 of his remaining salary. I would explore it. They could call up one of their hot hitting prospects or use Marlon Anderson, Ryan Church, or Tatis at 1B. I would explore moving Beltran. He has been a disappointment. He takes too many pitches down the middle and then swings at crap. I love the D but he isn’t worth 19 million a year. He could bring it pitching that the Mets need. Would someone take a flier on Pedro? Probably not although he and the Yanks admitted he is tipping his pitches. If he corrects that, he can be effective. I would see how many teams might have interest in either Wagner or Heilman. Wagner has 1 year left. The Mets aren’t winning this year or next. Wagner said he might retire after that. Make the move now while he has value. I would explore bringing in hard nose CHARACTER players like Xavier Nady.

    But heading into Citi field I seriously doubt any of that will happen because God Forbid the Mets tank the second half, how can they sell luxury suites and club seats?

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