New Cook, Same Awful Dish

Willie Randolph was not cut out to be a major league manager but I think we already see that the mediocre Mets were not all his fault…and it certainly wasn’t Tom Nieto’s fault either.

What’s there really to say following the latest Mets loss where you say to yourself, “well they can’t possible sink any lower than THIS”?

The Mets lost 11-0, their second straight, to the Mariners who are still 21 games below .500 thanks to yet another awful performance from Oliver Perez and another anemic (8 hits) offensive performance from ancient lineup that Teflon GM Omar Minaya has assembled.

The big highlight for the Mets came in the 4th when Carlos Beltran took exception to a called strike by umpire Brain Runge.  Beltran definitely was chirping about it but never turned around to confront Runge face-to-face.

Runge then walks to the front of the plate, takes his mask off and brushes off the plate while he starts to talk back to Beltran.  Runge definitely was baiting Beltran.

Jerry Manuel sees what is happening and in a unique maneuver for a Mets manager, he actually goes out to defend his player.  Manuel got heated pretty quick and got tossed.

Things settle down and Beltran is waiting to finish his at-bat at the plate.  Beltran then flips out and it looked like he was saying to Runge “you came after me” and Beltran got tossed as well.

Bottom line is that the umpiring is getting progressively worse in baseball and if there was a real commissioner in place with a umpires union that didn’t abuse its power, Runge would get suspended.  But he won’t.

As for the offense, the Mets couldn’t muster an extra base hit until the 8th when Beltran’s replacement , Marlon Anderson, got a double.  Anderson was 2-for-3 on the night.

Oh and David Wright finally got a day off and his replacement, Fernando Tatis, went 3-for-4.

So replacements (though, lets be honest, 2/3 of the Mets regular lineup shouldn’t be starting anyway) got 5 of the Mets’ 8 hits, including their only extra base hit.  Hoo.  Ray.


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