If Only…

If only Andy Phillips were a crony of Omar Minaya’s, he’d still be on the Mets today.

Who cares if Andy is a legitimate first baseman? Fernando Tatis is an older Latino ballplayer who played on the Expos and hasn’t played for a few years prior to this season, so he gets to stay and attempt to play 1B.

After all, the only things Minaya loves more than former Expos are players off the scrapheap…especially those who are Latino.

I know that Phillips is not going be a huge difference maker on the Mets but its not like Tatis is lighting the world on fire either. I wonder why exactly the Mets even bothered with Phillips in the first place, he didn’t even make here for a whole week.

It would make sense to keep Phillips around, seeing as how the Mets have no real options at 1B after Carlos Delgado.

But common sense has no place in Omar Minaya’s world, his world is filled up with cronies.


3 Responses

  1. “but its not like Tatis is lighting the world on fire either.”- He’s not, that why he has been playing one or two innings lately. Tatis has came through big a few times this year.

    Phillips seemed much more strategic to make room for pitching (I think). Too bad they really did not give him a fair chance.

    Unfortunately, the Mets look for filler rather than answers.

    Having Barry Bonds is just plainly a bad idea.

  2. If it’s a choice between the two, I’d rather have Tatis on the roster than Andy Phillips. Tatis is a better RH bat off the bench and more versatile defensively. Even if Tatis isn’t a true first baseman, he’s still better than Delgado defensively. Plus I love hearing the Superman theme when he comes to bat.

  3. I too would rather have Tatis than Phillips although I do agree with the comment that he loves ex-Expos and seems to give players of Latino origin a longer look. I find it difficult to imagine having a white or black 1B or CF with such little production and such huge contracts getting the rope that these guys have gotten. Beltran is hitting .250 over the last month and .118 over his last 10. He is on pace for 24 HR’s, just over 100 RBI’s and 22 SB. Decent numbers but horrible in the clutch. The problem is he is making more than Wright and Reyes COMBINED. Delgado has been awful. Yes he got 9 RBI’s vs. the Yanks but is limited defensively and is either hitting HR’s or striking out.

    Lets face it, this team is poorly constructed. Too many old broken down players. No natural leaders. No guys that inspire. Guys that show up one day and disappear the next. What we need is a bunch of enthusiastic players like Wright, Reyes, Church that play hard and feed off of each other. Get rid of the laid back guys like Beltran and Delgado and throw in a few players like Easley, Castro that aren’t the most talented but play hard.

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