Same As It Ever Was

You can’t chalk Monday’s 7-1 loss to the Cardinals up to the Mets just having a post-Subway Series letdown because they largely looked like crap during the weekend too.

The Mets managed to amass 3 errors but only 7 hits and 1 run as John Maine just didn’t have it.  Maine gave up 3 earned runs (5 runs total) and 7 hits in just 4 innings, he was pulled having thrown just 81 pitches.

“I had no life on the ball. I had nothing, just kind of a dead arm tonight. I had no life on my fastball. I couldn’t get any swings and misses. And when they did hit the ball softly, they just seemed to find holes and get hits. When you’re not striking anybody out, it’s tough to recover from that.”

Maine’s poor outing somehow was the highlight of the game for the Mets.  They are STILL that bad, this is still Minaya’s mess.

But at least the Mets now have a manager in place who doesn’t speak to the media like they (and we) are idiots:

Said Manuel: “We didn’t do too much defensively. We didn’t do too much offensively. We didn’t do too much in the manager’s seat. We didn’t do too much in the coaches’ seat. We didn’t do much of anything tonight very good.”

The bottom line with this team is that they are the epitomy of a .500 club.  They will look great for a few days and then horrible for a few.

In fact, since the Mets’ put up 15 runs on Friday afternoon against the Yanks, they have scored a total of six runs in the next  four games. Worse off, they’ve scored three runs or fewer in eight of their last 10 games and two runs or fewer in six of those.

After the game, Minaya’s revolving door of crap promoted Tony Armas Jr. from AAA New Orleans for tonight’s start while DFA-ing Andy Phillips.

Oh and Moises Alou will allegedly play this weekend in Philly.  Yay.


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