Ho Hum.

Another day, another Mets win, another Moises Alou injury.

Its getting to be like old hat in Flushing.

The Mets won  7-3 on the strength of Fernando Tatis’ 3 extra base hit (1 HR, 2 2B), 4 RBI day…and the Mets are going to need more of these type games from Tatis as they likely lost Alou for good as he is probably going to have season career ending surgery to repair his torn hamstring.

How long the good play is going to last from Tatis, I don’t know.  But I admit that I was wrong about keeping him instead of Trot Nixon (a moot point now that Nixon is injured).

Matt Holiday is rumored to be on the trading block but I don’t know if he is worth bankrupting what is left of the farm system just to get him…and he is certainly not worth giving up on Mike Pelfrey, as was being discussed yelled on SNY’s SportsNite last night.

Holiday’s numbers on the road suggest that he is the beneficiary of Coors Field’s altitude.

Once again on Thursday, the Mets bullpen was fantastic.   They pitched 4 2/3 scoreless innings to replace John Maine, who seemingly went to a 3-2 count on every batter.  Yesterday’s bullpen effort brought the three game series total to 10 1/3 total scoreless innings.

The struggling Rockies come to town this weekend to close out the schedule before the All Star Break.   Here’s hoping that the Mets keep their foot on the gas pedal.


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