Stay Classy, Philadelphia

Oh, Philadelphia.  Will you ever change your angry, jealous, envious ways?

Probably not.

Following Jose Reyes’ 3-run HR on Wednesday when Reyes took his animated HR trot, Phillies has been pitcher/current radio announcer Larry Anderson actually advocated that “somebody oughta put one in his neck.”

Wow.  Really?

Note to Larry–its OK to not like the way today’s player behaves as opposed to when you you played but you have to understand that things have changed.

Oh and Larry, where was your outrage on Tuesday when Shane Victorino stood on home plate and gestured towards the Mets dugout after his HR…or when Jimmy Rollins held his hands up high on second following his 9th inning double?

I don’t think I sound overly dramatic to suggest that if a batter got hit in the neck, he would possibly die.  Is a silly pointing towards the sky gesture really worth that?

The funny thing is that we always hear Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling making similar comments about Reyes and other young players who play the game differently than 25 years ago.  The big difference is that they do it with out being an angry homer like Anderson.

…and at least Reyes showed up on time for today’s game, unlike Rollins who was benched for being late to Shea (and blamed traffic lights).

To hear the audio clip in question and to read moronic Phillies fans try to justify what Victorino and Rollins did in the comments, visit The 700 Level.

(and yes, I realize just one post below I called for Oliver Perez to hit Beefarino today…I did not advocate for Victorino’s death)


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