This Team Isn’t That Good, Knowhatimsayin Omar?

The 10 game win streak and the lights out bullpen are distant memories as the Mets return home with a 1-5 road trip, which includes a 3 game sweep by the Astros, in their suitcases.

This team is back to all their old  pre-Jerry Manuel ways, proving once and for all that this mess of a roster and all its problems have Omar Minaya’s fingerprints all over it.  Weak bullpen, one legitimate starting outfielder, poor situational hitting, bonehead plays…this team has got it all (if you want a good laugh).

Willie Randolph was far from a good manager and I am completely glad that Jerry Manuel is here and seems to have a much better grasp of the game and of being a manager.  But you can only put so much makeup on a pig.  The roster of players Jerry has to deal with is still severely flawed, and that falls on Minaya.

The biggest joke of all is that MInaya stood pat at the trading deadline.  My suspicion is that it wasn’t by choice, even Minaya isn’t dumb enough to make a go at it with an outfield comprised of recently converted infielders.  As WFAN’s Steve “Schmoozer” Somers so astutely points out, the Mets have three catchers and two outfielders.

But a few years of trading away young for old and not drafting wisely painted Minaya into this corner of inability to make a trade.  So now we are stuck with this team.

This team of Robinson Cancels, who yesterday tried to steal third base with 2 on and 2 out and David Wright at bat.

This team of Aaron Heilmans and Billy Wagners, lights out one day and getting tagged the next.

This team of Nick Evans and Dan Murphys who are infielders who should be growing up in the minors and instead are being thrust into a pennant race AS OUTFIELDERS! (Who knows what sort of damage this will do their development and their careers)

Unfortunately, not much has changed over the last 6 weeks.  The Mets could play well into October or they could again fall apart in September (or even earlier).

I know that the Wilpons are too busy with other matters like making sure no one can sit in the infield Field Level seats at Citi Field for less than $200 and why $75 club seats in the upper deck will be a good thing but they need to take notice of their snake oil salesman of a GM.

Even if the Mets magically win the World Series this season, it will be in spite of Minaya…not because of him.


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