Half Full or Half Empty?

The Mets put up 8 runs in the 3rd inning last night as part of a 12-0 win over the Natinals at Nationals Park.  The Mets are back in first place thanks to a Nomar Garciarpara walk off HR, as the Dodgers knocked off the Phils.

The offense is obviously clicking right now.  Daniel (Don’t Call Me Dan or Danny) Murphy went 3-for-6 with a 2 run HR and 3 RBI and Fernando Tatis had a 2-for5 2 RBi night that included a solo HR.

But it was starting pitcher John Maine that was both cause for celebration and concern.  Maine allowed but 1 hit in 5 innings but he ended up throwing 90 pitches and his velocity was off by 3-5 MPH.  Maine usually tops off at 96 MPH but was consistently throwing in the 91-93 MPH range.

After the game, Maine reported soreness in his right shoulder.

“I felt better,” Maine said, “but I still think it’s a little sore. It wasn’t bad. It’s just tough to come back from a muscle you use that much.”

If the Mets are to reach and be successful in the playoffs, they need Maine to be healthy.  Plain and simple.  Only time will tell if Maine is OK, a big step will be if Maine can improve over his next few starts.


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