Leave It To The Mets

Only the Mets can manage to finish a 6-1 road trip still in first place and leave you concerned for their long term viability.

There was John Maine, who left with a 2-0 lead after 5 innings having only given up 2 hits but also after 96 pitches.  He spent most of the day with 3-2 counts and walked 4 batters.  If the Mets were playing a Major League team and not the Pirates, Maine’s day would have been much worse.

Maine’s quick exit meant 4 innings of bullpen…and you know how that goes these days.

Brian Stokes came in to pitched the sixth and promptly gave up a 2 run HR to Adam LaRoche. Stokes got out of the inning without giving up anymore runs and left after getting the first out in the 7th.

Then there’s Duaner Sanchez.  Like seemingly every time he pitches these days, he loaded the bases.  Having inheirited Adam LaRoche on first from Pedro Feliciano, Sanchez gave up a single to Jason Michaels. LaRoche went to third and Michaels took second on Endy Chavez’s throw that went past David Wright.

Sanchez then intentional walked Andy LaRoche to load the bases and then Steve Pearce singled past Wright for a 3-2 Pirates lead. Jack Wilson followed with a two-run double to make it 5-2.

Sanchez left the game after given up 2 runs, 3 hits, and the intentional walk…having not gotten a single out.

Unfortunately, the problems went beyond the bullpen.

The Mets had blew a bases loaded opportunity in the 8th without scoring.  The inning ended with Carlos Beltran popping up.

Carlos Delgado is mirred in a slump and is looking the the guy we saw the first third of the season.

Damion Easley hit into 2 double plays and has hit into 4 over the last 2 days.

The keys to the Mets success are quite clear.

They need to continue to minimize their use of the bullpen by getting great starting pitching, while lasting longer than the 5 innings that Maine did.

The Mets need their offense to click on nearly all cylinders so they can provide the margin of error that the bullpen needs to surrvive.

Perhaps, we just need to pray that the bullpen finds its way.


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