Oh Crap.

Good news is that Ryan Church is back tonight and in the starting lineup.

Bad news is that David Lennon reports on his blog for Newsday that Mets money pit 2B Luis Castillo (picture on right) “will be activated tomorrow and will get his second base job back.”

Castillo went on the DL on July 3 and the Mets have been 29-14 since that date.  Coincedence?  Perhaps but, I suspect not.

According to Lennon, Argenis Reyes, Nick Evans, and Brian Stokes are the most likely candidates to be demoted in order to free up a roster spot.  In a situation that Jerry Manuel says is “kind of touchy and dicey.”

Here’s what Jerry really wanted to say:

“Look, we all know that Omar f’d this one up royally.  Four years?  $25 million?  For reals, yo?  I have to send someone down for this crap?  F me.  We’re winning now and Reyes and Evans have really contributed.  I need these kids, not a gimpy has been.  Stokes?  You all know I need every arm I can get in the bullpen…Omar f’d that mess up too.  What the f am I going to with this gimpy black hole of a ballplayer?  You tell me.  But Omar made me and he can break me.  I got no damn choice but to try to make this signing look for him.”


One Response

  1. Luis looks a lot healthier in the picture above than the last time we saw him.

    I think Reyes goes down. Especially with Maine pitching today, they’re going to need Stokes in the bullpen to go 2-3 innings.

    A healthy Castillo (oxymoron?) gives you everything Reyes does only better with the exception of range.

    I’m willing to give Castillo a few games to show something before calling for his head.

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