One Win, Two Controversies Put To Rest

The Mets won 9-1 to gain a 3 game series split over the Astros on the back of Mike Pelfrey’s 2nd consecutive complete game.

This game puts to rest the talk of slowing down Big Pelf’s output in light of the fact that he’s never pitched this much (163 innings) before.  Jerry Manuel confirmed after the game that Pelfrey will pitch in his normal turn rotation, Saturday in Florida.  There was talk of Pelfrey not taking the mouund until a week from today in Milwaukee.

Pelfrey took a shutout into the 9th but gave up a run on back-to-back hits by former Mets David Newhan and Ty Wigginton. The 103 pitch win took Pelf to 13-8 overall and 11-2 over his last 17 starts.

The more shocking of the 2 “controversies” that died last night was Carlos Delgado putting an end to CURTAIN CALL GATE.

Delgado slugged a pair of 3 run HRs which, according to Carlos, was top-step worthy.

“I got six RBIs, a couple of home runs. I think it’s the right time,” Delgado said. “I think I learned my lesson. Instead of talking about it for three weeks, we come out, appreciate it. I guess it’s water under the bridge, huh?”

In the past, Delgado has maintained that only did curtain calls for only the biggest events in his career:  a 4 HR game when he was with Toronto and when he hit his 400th HR.

A pair of 3 run HRs is certainly consistant with this and I am glad we can move on to more important matters.

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