There are so many ways to point your finger as to why the Mets lost to the Phillies 8-7 in 13 innings.

Here’s one that isn’t getting written about by the Mets beat writers and in the Mets Blogdom…

The Mets sent 8 men to the plate in the 1st inning and only managed 2 runs, the least amount of runs you can score while sending 8 to the plate in an inning (3 batters got out, 3 runners LOB, 2 crossed the plate).

Even though the Mets managed to put up a 7-0 lead by the 4th, the 1st was a squandered chance to really blow the game wide open from the start.  That 7-0 lead could have and should been more along the lines of 9-0.

But there were lots of the Mets usual suspects as to why they lost.

Bats going dead for 9 innings, crappy bullpen, blah blah blah.  Same old, same old.

Johan’s on the mound tonight and its a must win.

A win tonight makes you forget about last night.  A win tonight puts the Mets back in first.  A win tonight makes you forget about all the Mets problem, at least for a few hours.

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  1. Cor, I hear ya about that first inning debaucle. I was watching the game with Mommie Dearest, a/k/a The Botch, and after the inning ended, we both agreed that the Mets blew a golden opportunity to really open up the game very very early. Good for you for reminding us of that. This offense, especially one Carlos Beltran, is very, very frustrating and inconsistent. Most nights, you just want to wring the necks of most of ’em. Beltran frustrates the snot out of me; I often wonder what, exactly, he is looking for or waiting for up there, and when, exactly, he will decide what that is.

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