Wagner Throws, Bernazard Blows

David Lennon reports in Newsday today that Billy Wagner threw a 25 pitch session off a mound yesterday and the news so far is positive…

“The news was encouraging,” said Mets VP of player development Tony Bernazard, the ranking executive on this trip. When asked about Wagner’s next step, he replied, “Let’s see how he feels [today].”

If Wagner feels OK, he can pitch this week for the Brooklyn Cyclones who have a week left in their season.

For me, the real news in this story is that Tony Bernazard is on this Mets trip.


He is in charge of PLAYER DEVELOPMENT.  That means he should be watching MINOR LEAGUERS or players at a place like the Mets’ new baseball academy where he can assess the potential DEVELOPMENT potential of future major league talent.

Seriously, WTF does this guy actually do?

Here is a Mets SAT question for you:

Bernazard : Mets

A) milk : cookies

B) Cheney : Bush

C) Turtle: Vincent Chase

D) Robin : Batman

If you selected C) Turtle: Vincent Chase, you are correct.

Just like Turtle on “Entourage” does absolutely nothing for Vincent Chase except spend money and cause trouble, Tony Bernazard does absolutely nothing for the Mets except spend money and cause trouble.


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