BREAKING: Lawyer Files Frivolous Lawsut

Celebrity lawyer Judd Burstein is suing the Mets because the poor fellow doesn’t like where he was offered season tickets in Citi Field.

Burstein, who currently sits in Field Level box seats between first base and right field at Shea claims that the Mets have offered him seats in the left field Promenade (aka Upper Deck) at Citi Field.

While the Mets have handled the relocation process far from perfectly, if you read season ticket holder’s experiences in this thread on, you will get a sense that, with some exceptions, most people were given approximately the same location in Citi Field that they currently occupy at Shea.

This is what happened in my own personal experience.  I was relocated to a similar seat location for my season tickets.  In fact, the Mets discovered my new Citi Field seats near first base were in an obstructed view location and they relocated me to right behind home plate.

Burstein being relocated two decks higher by the Mets is probably not the complete story.  He probably was assigned better seats and he rejected them and the Promenade location was the second or third location they offered to him.

Burstein is seeking compensatory and punitive damages but I suspect the lawsuit will never see the light of day.


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