It Was Bound To Happen

The Mets have announced that the drawing for 2008 playoff tickets is now open for registration on

I don’t want to hear about any jinxes, they have to do this now in order to have the tickets sold & shipped in time for any potential games.

ALL teams in playoff contention are currently holding their drawings. If his drawing is jinxing the Mets, then the Phillies are jinxed too.

The NLDS is scheduled to begin on October 1, the tentative 2008 playoff schedule can be found HERE.


One Response

  1. No jinx – in fact, I think the Phils sent their notices out earlier, even the Brew Crew too. They have to do something. But is it me, fellow season ticket holder, but did the notices go out a bit later this year? I think they don’t want people getting p’d off b/c of the Citifield situation and the prospect that maybe they might NOT make the playoffs.

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