Burgos Arrested

Ambiorix Burgos was arrested for beating up his girlfriend last night at the Holiday Inn across the Grand Central Parkway from Shea Stadium.

According to the Daily News, the 6’3″, 244-pound pitcher was arrested around 11 p.m. Monday after allegedly slamming his girlfriend up against the wall. He repeatedly punched her on the back, bit her and slapped her, prosecutors said.  Burgos is expected to be arraigned Tuesday in Queens Criminal Court on assault and harassment charges.

Aside from this homage to Brett Myers, this is not the first time this year that Burgos has been in the news.  Burgos was also the subject of a Eyewitness News’ 7 On Your Side segment for skipping town without paying his landlord last two months worth of rent.

Oh and then there was the incident in Port St. Lucie during Spring Training where Burgos left $300,000 worth of jewlery in a hotel room he vacated.

Note to Omar:  Brian Bannister may currently suck but, this trade is now on perma-suck status.

Cut. Burgos. Now.


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  1. […] there was the incident last month at the Holiday Inn across from Shea last month where Burgos punched, bite, and slapped his […]

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