Elijah Dukes: Major League A-Hole

Elijah Dukes tried to create a fight with the Mets last night after Mike Pelfrey kinda-sorta-not really at all threw inside at Dukes during the AB following a Dukes HR.

If you are a regular reader of Deadspin, you are more than familiar with the exploits of Dukes.  If you aren’t…

Elijah Dukes, THIS IS YOUR LIFE!

  • Your father, Elijah Dukes Sr. received a 20-year prison second degree murder sentence in 1996 for shooting a man who sold his wife $100 worth of fake crack cocaine.
  • Dukes has 5 children with 4 different women.  Good work!
  • Oh and Elijah, lets not forget your ridiculously long and pathetic list of domestic issues, it is literally too long to list here.
  • In 2006, Dukes had on-field confrontations with a coach and a teammate while with Devil Rays’ Triple-A affiliate Durham. He was suspended for 30 games.
  • In 2007, Dukes got 1 year probation and 50 hours community service after being pulled over by Tampa Police, who discovered there were 2 grams of weed in his car.

I wonder if Big Pelf got any voice mails from Dukes after the game.  After all Dukes did leave the following message for his wife:

“You dead, dawg, I ain’t even bullshitting. Your kids, too.”

I guess Nationals manager Manny Acta is supposed to publically defend his players, even if he fights with you in the dugout.  After the game Acta strangely said:

“Everybody knows he has worked very hard this year and the Nationals have worked very hard with him to work with his temper, and he’s been great the whole season. It’s unfortunate what happened tonight, but he’s human.”

…and of course, the ultimate arbitor of good behavior, Lastings Milledge chimed in about his teammate:

“Don’t make [Dukes] out to be a bad guy. The guy loves the game. He plays the game hard. I don’t think he did anything wrong.”

If L-Millz thinks Dukes is a good guy, then all of us (including the police) must be mistaken.

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  1. Corey this is up there with the LoHud Blogs response. Job well done!!

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