About Last Night…

Metsie & (the now official) Mrs. Metsie went to Shea for our first trip as a married couple, less than 24 hours after we returned from our relaxing honeymoon (note: thankfully, Mexican resorts do not offer SNY in their guest rooms).

Well, that was a BIG f’n mistake.  We left after the 5th inning…the 5th inning!

On a nice, cool autumn night, the Mets lost their third in a row…for the second time in the last two weeks…to fall 2 1/2 out of first.  The Brewers were off, so the Mets Wild Card lead was reduced to a measly 1 game.  Thankfully, the Brewers are stinkin’ up the joint as well.

I can’t fault Jon Niese for giving up hit after hit, culminating in the Jason Marquis grand slam…remarkably the 2nd grand slam that the Mets have given up to a pitcher this season.

Niese shouldn’t be pitching in a September pennant race in just his third start…just like Philip Humber was thrust into a situation he shouldn’t have been in LAST September.

This loss would have been easy to stomach had the Mets been playing winning baseball over the last few weeks, rather than doing a 2007 Mets impression.

If the Mets beat up on the Braves, Nats, and Marlins, you can deal with a rookie pitcher just not having it.  If the Mets bullpen held a bunch of leads of the last few months, you can deal with last night.

But the bullpen is destroying the Mets chances, as they did last season.

Luis Castillo is terrible, striking out in the 9th on 3 pitches.  Argenis Reyes needs to play 2B going forward.  He is a better defender than Castillo and he provides a spark that Castillo never, ever will.

The Wilpons better think long and hard about bringing back the Teflon GM Omar Minaya.  He brought back essentially the same bullpen as in 2007 (Matt Wise wouldn’t have been the difference maker, if he were healthy), he signed Castillo to 4 years & $25 mil, he thought Moises Alou and El Duque still could contribute, he made Willie Randolph the scapegoat….

…and yet, here we are in September AGAIN.

The country needs change, the economy needs change, the Mets front office needs change.

As for me, I am a masochist.  I am taking tonight off but then I’ll be there for the final 5 games at Shea.  I went there for the most of final week last year and had my heart torn to shreds…and I’ll be there again.

Such is life as a Mets fan.


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