At least there is something baseball related that could raise my spirits this morning.

According to today’s New York Post, poor wittle Roger Clemens had his “heartbroken” by the Yankees when they did not invite him to the Yankee Stadium self-congratulation closing ceremony nor did they include him in video montage highlights.

Clemens was sitting at home in hurricane-ravaged Texas, in front of a battery-operated television on his living room couch, when the team delivered a final crushing blow to its former star.

Clutching wife Debbie’s hand on one side and mother-in-law Jan Wild’s on the other, Clemens tuned in to his final team’s last home game hoping for some recognition for helping win two World Series titles, Wild said.

The classless Yankees organization didn’t include Joe Torre (you know, the guy who took them to 6 World Series and won 4 of them) either…so Roger, you shouldn’t feel all that slighted.

BTW, what sort of battery operated TV gets ESPN and/or YES?

How quickly they forget Roger, it was just over a year ago that you were in the dramatic thing ever at Yankee Stadium:


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