Minaya To Get 4 Year Extension, 40 Year Old Ballplayers Everywhere Celebrate

Buster Olney reports on ESPN.com that the Wilpons have given Teflon GM Omar Minaya a 4 year extension.  But it is not know when it will be announced and the Mets say the matter will not be resolved until after the season..

Luis Castillo also got 4 years, so this makes total and complete sense in Mets-land.

A few questions…

Is it just me or does this news leak reek of Tony Bernazard and his sleazy underhandedness?  That guy is always plotting & scheming.

If it is true, does this mean more of the same bullpen for 4 years?

…and can I get a refund on my 2009 season tickets?

UPDATE: The Daily News is reporting that sources (my guess would be Bernazard) have confirmed that Minaya has indeed gotten the extention.


2 Responses

  1. I agree – it has to be Bernazard because he’s the one who leaks EVERYTHING. Jay Horwitz is incredible anal. He doesn’t let stuff like that fly. Bernazard is protected from up high by the prince of darkness. Besides all that, I know you hate him, but I would give Minaya MAYBE a one-year contract. Honestly, I don’t know what he can do to the bullpen without strapping the team. torch it? who knows…

  2. ofirmative minaya is the worst thing to happen to the mets since the deroulet sisters

    unfortunately, the wilpons are SO FUCKING DUMB that they will not turn on the inept con man for another 2 years or so. the collapse of 2010 will get omar fired.

    add five years for rebuilding. next time mets won’t suck ass is ~ 2015

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