Braves Scrubs Mock Mets Stiffs

Brian Costello is covering the last few Phillies games for the New York Post and has filed this report about what occured in the Braves clubhouse last night at Citizens Bank Park:

As Derrek Lee singled in the go-ahead run the Braves exploded, cheering on the Cubs. It happened again when Aramis Ramirez homered and a few members of the team and traveling party began singing “Meet the Mets.” Others mocked the Kevin James video shown at Shea Stadium where he screams “Let’s Go Mets.”

I’d give you names but I’m not sure who many of these guys even are. The Braves roster has turned over so much and with September call-ups most of the guys are unrecognizable without a jersey on.

Two things:

1.  The Mets deserve all the mocking they get but, who the F do these minor leaguers think they are.

2. That Kevin James “Lets Go Mets” clip is excruciatingly awful, obnoxious, and lame.  James is a Mets fan from Long Island and should know the proper cadence of the LGM chant.  Pretty much everything the Mets  organization does falls short, especially the marketing department.  So it comes as no surprise that this clip has become a mainstay at Shea.  Lets hope they try to class things up at Ebbets Citi Field.


One Response

  1. there is no hope that the wilpons ‘class things up’

    we will still have that f–ing thuggish ‘everybody clap yo hands’ crap and the other various noises and ‘songs’ (use the term loosely) to irritate any met fan over the age of 11

    oh – and the harry belafonte ‘day-oh’ – the MOST irritating stadium sound effect in history. who the f–k thinks that is helpful at any time in any way during a sporting event?

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