Behind The Scenes At Shea’s Memorabilia Sale

Over on ESPN’s Page 2, Paul Lukas’ Uni Watch gives us a funny behind the scenes video tour of this week’s memorabilia sale at Shea along with a nice, insightful, and informative written piece.

For those of you old enough as I am to remember the old blue & orange metal panels that made Shea look so unique and wonder whatever happened to them after they were taken down in 1980, Lucas has the answer:

The industrial confetti I love so much was removed after Fred Wilpon and Nelson Doubleday bought the team in 1980, because they wanted to put their own visual stamp on the stadium. The original plan was to replace the panels with huge canvas sheets that would feature alternating images of the Mets’ logo and the American flag, but that turned out to be too expensive. So they removed the panels and didn’t do anything to replace them (but they left behind the panels’ vertical mounting cables, which are still there today).

Barry Meisel, who company is in charge of the memorabilia sale added:

“We were told that when the stadium was refurbished in the early ’80s, the panels were all destroyed. Whether they were sold for scrap metal or just put in dumpsters, it’s gone.”

For the record, if Metsie had $50,000 to spend, I would have been all over the 1986 World Champions banner.


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