Details About Shea/Citi Transition has posted a FAQ answering some of the questions that fans have about the transition from one park to the other.

The transition has already begun with Mets employees that aren’t essential to the daily operation of Shea having already relocated into their new Citi Field offices.

I was disappointed to read the following:

7. What are the plans for moving home plate to the new stadium?

That won’t happen. When the sod and the field are laid down this offseason, plans are to install a new home plate. The Shea Stadium plates have been changed often and the last one will be part of that ballpark’s long list of memorabilia.

I don’t care that the home plate being used is not the original one from 1964, I think it would be nice if they move the current home plate at Shea over to Citi Field after the last game is played (hopefully sometime in October).

Other new stadiums have relocated home plate from the old stadium but leave it to the Mets to do things half-assed.  Fred Wilpon would sooner try to find the home plate from Ebbetts Field and stick that in Citi Field.


2 Responses

  1. How about leaving home plate at Shea but burying ofirmative minaya under it?

    that would be a nice compromise

  2. Shea looks like its trying to eat $hiti Field. I wish it would.

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