Shea Will Live On

Like the Terminator, pieces of Shea Stadium will still live on after the stadium closes for good.

Today’s Daily News has an article about parts of Shea Stadium that will continue to be used in the future, thanks to the ingenuity of the NYC Parks Dept.  The Parks Dept. actually owns both Shea & Yankee Stadium.

“Our guys will come up, just unbolt everything, take them right to the skids, ramp them right out to the truck and ship them out to the boroughs,” said Parks Department technical services chief Arthur Rollins from inside a women’s rest room, where just about everything attached to the walls – even soap dispensers – will potentially end up in a park.

“Our stuff is extremely practical,” Rollins said in a recent tour of the stadium’s nuts and bolts. “This is stuff that comes out of our budgets, and our shops’ budgets are really small.”

The scavenging will save the city $2.5 million on purchases in coming years.

Rollins and Anthony Rizzo, the Park Department’s Shea director, have spent months drawing up a 10-page battle plan for salvaging stadium materials, down to ordering bubble wrap, plotting how to remove items quickly and scheduling which ramps to wheel pallets out on.

A crew of 200 parks workers will remove 327 toilets, 310 urinals, 128 sinks, 528 light fixtures, 395 toilet partitions, 209 speakers, 100 field lights and 100 doors, among other items.

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