What A Predictably Unpredictable Send Off To Shea

I am about to head off to Shea for the last time…or maybe not.

The circumstances surrounding today’s game couldn’t not be more unpredictable, more surreal…and couldn’t be more fitting for this New York Mets franchise.

Leave it to the Mets to put themselves in a situation where the day being billed as the last regular season game at Shea may not be the last regular season game at Shea.

If the Mets and Brewers both win (or lose…can’t put anything past these two hapless teams) today, we’ll be right back at Shea sometime on Monday for home game #82.  Tie breaker games are part of the regular season.

Leave it to the Mets to have a potential situation today where they could lose the game and we will all be stearing at the numbers next to “CHC” & “MIL” on the scoreboard during the post-game Shea Goodbye ceremonies.  The Brewers game starts an hour after the Mets game.

Leave it to the Mets to turn a celebration of Shea Stadium and its history into a funeral for the stadium’s last 25 inhabitants.  I can’t imagine what it will feel like today if the Brewers end up clinching in the middle of the Shea ceremonies.

The doom and gloom that the weather forecast has predicted for today is quite fitting for a send off of Shea Stadium.  Rain on a celebratory day feels just about right to any long time Mets fan.  We are used to dealing to adversity.

…and then there’s Oliver Perez.  Is there anyone who has more on the line today than him?  Perez is a free agent after this season and his agent Scott Boras will have a lot more ammunition to bring to the negotiating table if his client comes up big in the ultimate big spot.

Today’s start literally can cost Perez well into the 7 figures.

Win and the Mets will probably have no choice but to open up the coffers to Perez.

Lose and the open market will not be so attractive.

So here I am off to Shea for either the last time, the next to last time, or one of the last times (should the Mets make it to the playoffs).

Uncertainty thy name is Mets Fan.



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