You Gotta Be Thieves

I am back after a little self imposed exile from blogging and I AM PISSED.

In today’s Daily News, Bill Price’s The Score column covers the sad and disturbing trend of Phillies “Fans” (the quotes are used because we all know that Phillies fans are fairweather as they come) using “You Gotta Believe” on signs and on the internet.

Tug McGraw coined the phrase in 1973 when he was with the Mets and he was sort of mocking a lame pep talk from Mets Chairman M. Donald Grant.

Despite McGraw being the closer for the Phils in 1980, when they won the World Series, the phrase belongs to the Mets.

Price MUST be a Mets fan because this passage is priceless:

Now, 28 years later, the Phillies have a chance to actually win something and what is the first thing many of their fans do? Rip off the old Mets’ rallying cry?

Yes, the late McGraw coined the phrase and was a great Phillie. But any real baseball fan will tell you “Ya Gotta Believe” is a McGraw/Met thing, not a McGraw thing than can be transferred from one franchise to another.

But yet, these Phillies fans are using it this October. There can only be three explanations for this.

1. Those fans are so clever, they knew doing this would tick off already-disgusted Mets fans even more.

2. The fans are in awe of the Met franchise, and figure a little Met magic will help them finally win something.

3. These fans aren’t the tastiest cakes on the shelf, and therefore thinking up something on their own is virtually impossible.

It’s hard to make a case for No. 1 since the words Philly fans and clever are rarely used in the same sentence. No. 2 is the most logical, but Ya Gotta Believe No. 3 is the answer.

Kudos to Mr. Price, both for the digs and for bringing this to our attention.


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