Happy New Year, Crappy New Logo

The Mets.com shop has revealed what the patch will look like that the Mets will be wearing to commemorate their first season at Citi Field.

With tons of talented graphic designers out there, surely someone could have come up with something better than this crap.  Did the Wilpons just find some cheap, no talent designer on Craigs List?

Contrast that logo with what the Yankees have done, and you see why Mets fans get so infuriated with the way their team is run/marketed.

The Yankees took a distinctive element of their stadium’s design, the frieze, and they made that the basis for the logo’s design.  Why couldn’t the Mets take the rotunda and make that the basis for the logo?  Instead we get the the ugliness of a square and a rectangle slapped together in homage to a crappy pizza chain’s logo.

The Mets marketing efforts have been pathetic for years.  I thought they would up their profile in conjunction with a move into a shiny, new stadium…but sadly, that is not the case.

The Citi Field inaugural season patch is an pathetic design and I am embarrassed to be a Mets fan.


2 Responses

  1. haha yeah that design is pretty wank.


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