Mets Fans Need To Enjoy The Positives!!!

The whining by Mets fans about Citi Field has reached unbelievable levels, be it on WFAN, online, or in conversation.

Yesterday, the media & Mets fans were all abuzz over the Mets front office plans to erase Doc Gooden’s signature on a wall in the Citi Field Ebbets Club.   After hours of it being talked about ad nauseum on WFAN and online at places like MetsBlog, the Mets finally relented and announced that the Mets will relocate the signature to a new location elsewhere in Citi Field.

Some perspective was needed in the frenzy.

The Ebbets Club is a club area of Citi Field with less than 1,000 season tickets,  all sold out.  So most of the people who were complaining yesterday online and on the radio were NEVER going to see the autograph anyway!!!

Further, even though it was an innocent gesture by Doc, it would have opened the floodgates.  What would have stopped a Mets fan, let alone a Yankees or Phillies fan, from thinking it was now OK to write on the walls of a brand new stadium?

This was the latest in a series of complaints about Citi Field that is I think are almost totally incorrect and misguided.

Lets start with the Jackie Robinson Rotunda (JRR).  The popular complaint about the JRR  is that the Mets are honoring a player who played for another franchise that still exists and that the Rotunda is a celebration of the Brooklyn Dodgers.  Clearly, anyone who thinks that hasn’t been inside Citi Field to look at it.  If they have seen it, my only assumption is that they have a learning disability.

The JRR is about Jackie Robinson THE MAN and HIS PRINCIPLES, not the baseball player.  Jackie Robinson’s impact on society transcends baseball and this rotunda is a tribute to his life.

There is not one mention of Jackie Robinson’s statistics, the 1955 Dodgers, etc.  There is one picture (out of 8 or 10 pictures) of Robinson in a Dodgers uniform surrounded by some of his teammates.   That picture serves to drive home the support and acceptance he received in his clubhouse.

Anyone who thinks the JRR is a Dodgers tribute is either ignorant or stupid.

Then there’s been the uproar about BLIND SPOTS in the seating area.  I refuse to call them obstructions, because they are not obstructions.  Go to Fenway Park or Wrigley Field if you want to know what an obstruction really is.

All these callers to WFAN whining about not being able to see half of RF are LIARS.  Sure there are seats around the park along the foul lines where you can see into the corner or the back of the wall if you are seated behind it, but it is common sense that you will have some BLIND SPOTS.

Citi Field was designed so you would be much closer to the field in all seats and it is a slam dunk in that regard.  The downside of this is that some seats will lose a view of extreme parts of the field…parts where plays don’t often occur.

There were more than a fair shar of seats at Shea where you couldn’t see parts of the field or the scoreboard.  Mets fans have casually forgotten this.

Is Citi Field perfect?  No.

Does it need some more “Mets Stuff”?  Absolutely.

I personally think that Citi is a work in progress, as there is no advertising anywhere in the concourses.  That leads me to believe that there will be more done with the interiors.  Plus if Shea had Mets pictures/banners/murals, why wouldn’t Citi Field?

I think Mets fans need to be patient and realize that stadiums, like most building evolve over time.  How many people realize that there were green walls in 1969?

The green walls didn’t seem to stop a 1969 Miracle.


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