Mets Already In Mid-September Form

I fear that this blog is going to be a broken record this season.

The Mets dropped their third game in a row in St. Louis in a 5-2 snoozefest.

John Maine looks lost out there.  He walked 5 and gave up 5 runs in 5 2/3 innings.  You are not going to win by walking the leadoff batter (including Cards’ pitcher Joel Pineiro) twice and allowing them to score in the first 3 innings, as Maine did last night.  Maine’s ERA is now 7.47

“I know I’m better than this, and it’s going to turn around,” Maine said. “I usually don’t walk this many guys, but I’m just missing.”

Beyond Maine, the bats were mostly silent. Carlos Beltran was the only bright spot, he had 3 hits and a RBI.  After the game, Jerry Manuel announced that Beltran is going to be moved to the cleanup spot today as he swaps spots with David Wright who has just 1 HR and 5 RBI on the season, despite somehow batting .302.

Obviously, Wright has failed in clutch ABs all season long and had picked up the bulk of those 5 RBIs during Opening Day at Citi Field when he hit a 3 run HR.

Today, Manuel will also play Gary Sheffield in LF, Alex Cora at 2B, and Omir Santos at catcher as he tries to get some offense going.

Livan Hernandez, in some sort of cruel joke, takes the mound as a MOTHER F’N STOPPER today.

There’s a ton of baseball left to be played so, it may not yet be time to push the panic button.  But all of this seems awfully familiar, as well it should…this is largely the same group of guys that played this way for a good deal of last season.

Omar Minaya, Fred, Jeff…I’m looking at you.


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