Tefflon GM To Strike Again? Mets To Change Rotation & Fire Coaches?

Adam Rubin reports in today’s Daily News that the Mets might be on the verge of firing some coaches and shaking up the rotation:

A team insider later elaborated that no one, aside from Johan Santana, has immunity. Translation: [Oliver] Perez or [Mike] Pelfrey, who can be optioned to the minors without passing through waivers, could be ticketed for the minors, while Livan Hernandez’s standing as fifth starter could be on shaky ground. Perez would have to consent to a minor-league assignment, like Steve Trachsel did in 2001, since he has more than five years of major-league service time. [John] Maine, who is 0-2 with a 7.47 ERA, is out of minor-league options and needs to stay on the roster, but – like Perez and Pelfrey – could be sent to the pen.

Regarding the coaching staff, Rubin writes:

While nothing is imminent, dialogue about coaching changes already has begun, a source told The News. Aside from Santana, who has allowed one earned run in 19-2/3 innings, Mets starting pitchers have a 7.32 ERA, including Hernandez’s flop Thursday. Still, it’s other members of the staff besides pitching coach Dan Warthen who might feel the early wrath.

My hunch is that if anyone is made to be the fall guy besides Warthen, it will be hitting coach Howard Johnson. The Mets have not necessarily had the right approach at the plate over the last few seasons now and little has changed since HoJo took over.  Despite having a team batting average of .285, the Mets ability to get runners home has been well documented.

It might be unfair to ax Warthen, its not as if he made Ollie into a Jeckyl & Hyde pitcher, Maine into a pitcher completely unsure of himself, or Livan Hernandez into an over the hill pitcher.

At some point, the Wilpons need to wake up from this spell that Teflon GM Omar Minaya has them under.  Minaya has made coaches and managers te fall guy for this lethargic team over the last few seasons.  Yet the roster is largely the same.

If the Wilpons don’t make a move and ax Minaya, then it can be viewed as a clear sign that they not only endorse Minaya’s tactics but that they are the ultimate architects of the way the team is run on the field.


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