Minaya Must Go

Mets GM Omar Minaya comes across either as a clueless idiot or a terrible liar in an interview today with Ken Rosenthal on FoxSports.com.

Mets general manager Omar Minaya says his team does not lack leadership. He concedes, however, that many of the Mets’ biggest stars lack a certain “edge.”
“We have good guys, solid professionals,” Minaya says. “There is a smile on David Wright’s face, a smile on Jose Reyes’s face. But there is not an edge to them.
“Some people see edge as leadership. Sometimes, you need a little meanness to your game. Some people perceive leadership as meanness.
“I couldn’t tell you that we have that type of guy. We have leaders. But everyone’s perception of leadership is different.”
Minaya says that Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado possess makeups similar to those of Wright and Reyes. He adds that two new Mets, outfielder Gary Sheffield and infielder Alex Cora, provide more of an edge.

Let me get this straight.  Your “big 4” players in the everyday lineup lack an edge and Minaya hasn’t seen fit to do ANYTHING to rectify this situation?  Since 2006?????

Does he really think anyone buys this platter of bullshit that he serving up about Cora & Sheffield?

Cora is a bench player.  Who cares?

Sheffield was dumped by the Tigers because they’d rather pay him $14 million to NOT be around the team.  Oh Sheffield has an edge alright, but its not the kind you want around around a winning team.  oh and he’s a bench player too.

Rosenthal adds:

Minaya understands the questions — “we’ve had championship (caliber) clubs the last three years and all we have to show for it is one playoff (appearance)” — but adds, “We’ve got makeup. We’ve got the right guys.”

Omar, WTF do you think the Jedi Mind Trick is for reals?  “We’ve got the right guys”????  REALLY????

I am supposed to believe it because you told me so?  Despite what has occurred for the last 2+ seasons?

How can you possibly have the right guys when you acknowledge that your 4 main players lack an edge?

If this is what Minaya truly believes then he is a damn fool and needs to be fired immediately.  If he knows he is lying, then he has insulted the intelligence of the entire Mets fan base.

Either way you slice it, Minaya has not been able to put together the right mix of players and needs to go.  The time is right Fred & Jeff, make the move.  A new GM may not be able to fix what is wrong until the offseason but I don’t want Minaya making anymore moves trying to fix this mess.

Maybe the Mets should get Derek Jeter, I think I once heard somewher that he has an Edge.

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  1. Metsie – I agree that minaya must go. He is a con man, a fraud, and a beneficiary of affirmative action. He should never have been given the Montreal job, much less the Mets GM position.

    However, the root problem here is the Wilpons – you know, the …

    Steve Phillips/Art Howe/Mo Vaughan/Give Willie Randolph an MLB job even tho he hasn’t managed a signle minor league game/Give Willie Randolph an extension/Give minaya an extension for presiding over the worst collape in history/Give minaya an extension even though there are NO BIDDERS for his GM..ahem…services elsewhere in MLB/new stadium still at Willets Pt. beneath the LaGuardia flight path/make sure the Jackie Robinson Rotunda is beautiful but don’t worry about our starting pitching …


    Jeff Wilpon is in his middle 40s. Fred will hand the team to him. He will be around for another 30+ years.

    If you’re a Met fan (and I mean an intelligent Met fan – not one of those idiots who think minaya is doing a good job) you have three choices: 1) accept this current mess as representative of the next 30 years of your rooting experience; 2) drop the team from your heart and just go away; 3) hit the Wilpons with your wallet – stop going to to games; stop buying the jerseys; stop watching SNY.

    If enough of us opt for #3, we have hope that Fred will sell (no guarantess the next owners aren’t dumb too…)

    There has never been a better time for option 3. Bernie Madoff hurt the Wilpons financially and perhaps they are thinking about selling. We can only hope.

    If they don’t sell, don’t be surprise if the World Series title drought hits 50 years (2036) – don’t laugh…it’s a real possibility.

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