Sucks In The Citi

Hey Fred and Jeff: the Mets are a laughingstock.

I am not sure if you guys notice this or not, since you thought Omar Minaya was worthy of a three year extension this past winter….and you are basking the glow of a brand new stadium.

Sorry to tell you, but it is true.

Your GM admitted the team HE BUILT has no edge…then he did a complete 180 and changed his tune.  But he was 100% right the first time, the Mets clearly have no edge.

They also have a shaky starting rotation, featuring a $36 million pitcher that can’t even give you 3 innings.  Oh and is Oliver Perez hurt or not? I am not sure about his knee, but he sure hurts Mets fans to watch him pitch.

Unfathomably, Minaya actually told Mike Francessa last week on WFAN that he “knew who Perez was” when he signed him to the 3 year deal.

REALLY?  Well the why the hell did you resign him????

Options down in minors?  Well lets see…down at AAA Buffalo, with its shameful 4-14 record, there is Tim Redding who arrived to Spring Training out of shape and is now hurt, Jonathan Niese who has struggled, and Nelson Figueroa who is what he is. Freddie Garcia, another great Minaya pickup, has already been dumped.

The Mets minor league system is completely devoid of talent.  Minaya has traded away all the better prospects and has failed to replenish them with any talent.  Minaya’s buddy Tony Bernazard is supposed to be in charge of player development, except that he always seems to be as far away from the minors as possible…causing trouble in the Mets clubhouse.

Minaya has a ton of explaining to do to the fan base, who have finally seen beyond his BS and his limited success as a GM, most of which came because he was able to throw the Wilpons’ money around to free agents.

At some point, the Wilpons HAVE TO see beyond Minaya’s BS, right now they are dazzled by his svengali like hold on them.  They can’t be happy about what the future holds.

But the Wilpons always seem to hire the wrong people and seem to make the wrong financial investments.  Something needs to change.


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