Worst. Idea. Ever.

In perhaps the most baffling decision in a long and illustrious history of bad Mets decisions, it was announced a short while ago that Oliver Perez is not hurt and will not go to the minors…he’s going to the bullpen.

Now instead of screwing up 1-2 games a week, Perez will have the opportunity to screw up 3-4 times a week…and if they bury him at the bottom of the bullpen, well then he is wasting a spot that a real bullpen pitcher can be occupying.

This has disaster written all over it.  Should Perez continue to stink it up (and really, why should we expect nothing else at this point), hewill be booed unmercifully by the Shea Citi Faithful.  How will he EVER regain whatever little confidence he has ever had???

Teflon GM Omar Minaya is treading on thin ice if this doesn’t pan out.

Maybe the Mets should start employing the George Costanza decision making method of doing the oposite of whatever your first instinct is to do…because this is moronic.

One Response

  1. Usually this is where I come in here and say that you’re overreacting or try to defend Minaya in some way. Today, I got nuthin’.

    I’m consistently befuddled by the decision making of this organization.

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