How Not To Manage

In the 8th inning of last night’s game Mets Manager Jerry Manuel committed the latest in what is becoming a disturbing trend of mindboggling moves.

With the Mets down 2-0 and with the bases loaded and 1 out, Daniel Murphy was due up.  Manuel pinch hit for Murphy with Angel Pagan.

Murphy is hitting .357 this season vs LHP and .371 for his career.

Pagan, who was called up as a result of the Carlos Delgado injury, is a life time .225 hitter vs. LHP.  Pagan had but 1 other AB thus far this season.

The Giants pitcher, Jeremy Affledt, is getting lit up by lefty hitters this season to the tune of .391 batting average.

The numbers screamed for Murph to get the AB but Manuel did one of his Willie Randolph-esque “gut” decisions.  So what does Pagan do?

Grounds in to an inning ending double play, essentially ending the game.


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  1. I knew this latest managerial gaff would bring you out of hiding.

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