The Wilpons’ Amazin’ Mess

More disturbing than the Mets play as of late is the manner in which this team is run.  From top to bottom of the organization, the incompetence that oozes through all layers is disturbing and infuriating.

In today’s Newsday, Mets reporter David Lennon writes about Jerry Manuel announcement that Daniel Murphy will now play first base:

In announcing the move, Manuel added this disclaimer: “Sandy Alomar seems to think he can handle it.”

And what did the manager think?

“I . . . uh . . . I’m not really sure,” Manuel said. “I don’t know. I haven’t seen him enough as an infielder personally.”


How can the manager of the team be unsure if Murphy can handle first base?  Hasn’t Murphy been practicing for weeks?  Where was Manuel when this was going on?

This isn’t like the CEO of a multinational corporation not knowing if a low level employee in his London office should be moved to a different role in the company.  There are only 25 “employees” in Manuel’s “office”.  How can he be unaware of Murphy’s ability at 1B???


Moving Murphy to first has a huge impact on this team and the manager not only admits to not knowing if he has idea if this will work out but he also manages to throw Sandy Alomar under the bus should the Murphy move not work out.

What kind of leader is Manuel?  The kind that gets hired by Omar Minaya: incompetent and consistently making frustratingly ridiculous moves.

Minaya is incompetent as they come.  When a player gets injured, there is usually no adequate replacement on the bench or in the minors.  He tells us (what we already know) that HIS TEAM THAT HE BUILT has no edge, then he completely changes his tune 5 minutes later.

Minaya’s current manager makes pinch hitting moves that are baffling, he holds public grudges against his players, and he seems to ignore the most obvious of batter/pitcher matchup statistics  In short, Manuel isn’t all that much different from the idiot he replaced.

Minaya’s track record has been shaky and he was rewarded with a 3 year extension last winter.  Why????

The medical staff of this team continues to be completely unable to handle any injuries.  Players don’t get put on the DL and the team often plays 1-2 players short.

The unbelievable state of affairs right now with this team is no longer shocking or aggravating to me.  I’m over it.  I’m numb to it.   All of these problems are the result of a terrible corporate culture and the Wilpons need to change their ways.  I know they have nothing but the best of intentions but for far too long, this entire organization has been run like crap.

It is time for the Wilpons to take a backseat in the day-to-day baseball operations of this team and bring in someone who can fix this Amazin’ Mess.


2 Responses

  1. It’s multi-faceted if you ask me. The Wilpons extended Omar’s contract when he shouldn’t have been. And Omar gave Jerry the job of manager when it was clear they should have opened the interview process to others (like Oberkfell). But you are right, the source “Patient Zero” are Fred and Jeff. I hope they sell a share of the Mets to get some competent baseball guy in there.

  2. The Mets will be like this as long as the wilpons own them.

    Bringing in another investor? Ahh, no. If fred and jeffy have any interest in the team it will continue to be like it is today, only worse.

    Wait until Johan demands a trade. Not sure he can demand one contractually, but he will beg the Mets to free him from this unprofessional mess.

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