EXCLUSIVE First Pictures Inside Mets Hall Of Fame & Museum

Metsie is the FIRST with pictures of the brand new Mets Hall Of Fame & Museum at Citi Field.  They are still putting the finishing touches on the museum and thus, no memorabilia is currently on display.

I couldn’t get shots of the front room (the first area that you will walk in to from the Jackie Robinson Rotunda) because a Mets security guard wouldn’t let me but I was fortunate to have a worker allow me in the “back door” (the revolving door that used to be the Team Store entrance to the street).  So these pictures are just a taste of what the public will see starting Sunday at the Open Workout for Season & Plan ticket holders.

First up, a picture of what you will see from the plaza area.  This is in one of the windows that used be part of the Mets team store, featuring the 1969 team:

Next, is a Darryl Strawberry window, also formerly a Team Store window It reads “Darryl Starwberry Mets All Time Home Run & RBI Leader”:

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This window display reads “Mike Piazza 7-Time Mets All Star”:

Next up, a first look at the interior.  This again, is furthest from the front of the Rotunda.  If you remember the layout of the Team Store last year, this is in the back where they have custom engraved bats & the wall of New Era hats.  Sorry for the poor quality & reflection, it was taken quickly through the window.

Here’s a similar view taken from inside, so the quality is better.  Is that the 1969 starting rotation in the background of the showcase?

Looking down from back corner (again the old Team Store door to the outside plaza) of the museum towards the front/Rotunda entrance.  Love the banners hanging over the hallway!

Towards the front, there is a big banner collage hanging from the ceiling featuring various pictures through the years.  Here you can clearly see the picture of the Mets 1999 infield that appeared on the “The Best Infield Ever?” cover of Sports Illustrated on September 6, 1999.

Here’s another display showcase with a background of the Polo Grounds, taken from the outfield:

For more information about the displays at the Mets Hall of Fame & Museum read this press release on Mets.com


One Response

  1. Thank you for taking the time to go out to Citi and take these pictures! I’ve been waiting for some shots of the Hall of Fame and I’m now even more pumped to see it all April 24th for my first game of the season. Hopefully McFadden’s can miraculously finish by Opening Day too!
    Once again, great job!

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