Will McFadden’s Be Ready For Opening Day?


There’s plenty more to see here regarding the changes/additions to Citi Field….

To see some views of the Museum that were not in the other MetsBlog link, go HERE

To see some unique views of the Shea Home Run Apple from both street & subway platform lever go HERE

To see the corrected 1986 Fan Walk plaque go HERE

McFadden’s has been advertising that they are opening on Opening Day.  WFAN’s Boomer & Carton are supposed to be doing HAVE CANCELLED their show from there Monday morning 6-10 AM.

But from what I saw today, I have to wonder if they will make it for Monday.

Not only do they have a TON of construction to finish but then they have to decorate the space, put in tables stools, and chairs, and stock it with food and drinks.  They also have to pass NYC inspections.  How is that all going to occur by Monday at 6AM?  I have to imagine that the NYC inspectors don’t work weekends or at least Sundays at the very least.

Here’s some pictures….

More pictures after the jump….

My biggest concern for McFadden’s are those extremely high ceilings you see in the first picture.  They will certainly have loud music and there will be tons of people in there, that is a recipe are obnoxiously echoing noise all over the place.

In case you haven’t seen McFadden’s (lame) TV commercial for the new Citi Field location, here it is:


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