Want To Be Even Angrier About Figgy Getting Cut?

My wife found this in one of the new sections of the Fan Walk at Citi Field on Sunday…

Nelson’s dad should buy a new brick that says:

“On 4-3-10 my son got cut yet again by the Mets despite deserving a spot on the roster and my heart was broken. Then on 4-7-10, my son signed with the Mets’ rivals and Mets fans wondered how their GM could possibly still have a job.”


16 Responses

  1. That’s rough stuff. Good find.

  2. Fantastic find. Thank you for sharing it.

    I will always be happy i was at that game:

  3. Does that mean a brick in Philly will soon say…

    “My son pitched his last game here before he became a plumber.”

    At least we like the effort, Nelson.

    • No offense to plumbers (except, maybe, Sen. McCain’s friend, Joe the Plumber, who wouldn’t understand), but Nelson Figueroa, probably more educated than you, U-lie, is a 1998 graduate of Brandeis University, majoring in American Studies. After his baseball career ends, in 5-10 years, he will become whatever he wants to be.

  4. That was one of my favorite games. Thank you for sharing. Makes the whole thing even more heartbreaking…

  5. How is he going to buy a new brick…if he’s dead?

  6. Great brick from Nelson’s Dad.

    Incredibly silly comment below it.

    Figgy may be a hard worker and a nice guy, but he is a TERRIBLE pitcher and has been for a decade for all five teams which have gotten rid of him.

    When the Mets cut him last year NOT ONE team wanted him–how many other GMs should be out of a job?

    It’s remarkable how Met fans can whine about just about anything. Ruben Gotay, Jeff Keppinger, Nelson Figueroa, career minor leaguer Chris Carter…..LOL!

  7. Wow that’s a bittersweet fan brick. Still shocked that all these fans think figgy was a bad pitcher he wasn’t a #1 or 2 starter but he was way way way better then sean green and half the pitchers the mets did keep

  8. Just curious… where IS this brick on the FanWalk, exactly? (Y’know, in case someone wants to leave flowers or something.)

    • It is in one of the new brick sections to the right of the Rotunda, sort of in front of the HOF Museum but closer to the Subway than the stadium

  9. Great brick! A real dumb cut by the mutts. Right, we need to keep Green, nice gopher ball dude! Figueroa would be needed to finish ollie, Maine and Pelf’s expected short outings. Even Manuel said he will have a short hook on these guys. Does Omar put names on lottery balls and give em a spin when he makes decisions?

  10. Gee, who gave up 3 walks and a double in 2 innings and got the loss for the Phils?


    People who think Figgy should be a Met are even whinier losers than Figgy is.


    At least Figgy has found a way to help the Mets!

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