Mets Ticket Office Really Shines Through

Over at Mets Police, “Media Goon” share his story about the Mets ticket office accommodating him in a requested move on his Saturday plan because he had an undisclosed problem with the people sitting next to him.

I just want to add my own two cents about the great service I’ve received over the last two years from the ticket office regarding my full season tickets.

At Shea, my season tickets were two seats off the aisle and right by first base in Mezzanine Reserved Sec 13, Row B. Sometime in August or September of that 2008 season, I was told I would still be two seats off the aisle and right by first base in Sec 507, Row 2 at Citi Field.

Sounded good to me, I had a cheaper ticket than at Shea in a comparable location.

My rep at the time in the ticket office called me a few weeks later to let me know that they toured Citi Field and realized that the my newly assigned seats in 507 were obstructed by those silly staircases that come in front of all the Promenade Reserve sections not directly above the the Promenade Club. They had told me that in a bunch of sections this is going on and they were relocating season ticket holders affected by it.

Let me repeat this just to be clear:

The Mets were not only aware that there were obstructions in the Promenade in 2008 before Citi Field opened but they also relocated those affected by it.

There was a lot said & written last year about the obstructions. But from my experience, the Mets not only were clearly aware of them, they were proactive in dealing with them.

They relocated me to Sec. 514, Row 2 at Citi Field. This was literally right behind home plate and I couldn’t have been happier. Unfortunately, after we sat there a few times, we started to realize there was an issue with those seats.

The design of the railing in front of Row 1 along with the ample leg room caused those sitting in Row 1 to lean forward and rest their arms on the rail. Even worse, younger kids would stand at the rail.

This cause big problems for us. I’m 6′ 2″ so I was able to crane my neck or move my head to see over/around the people. But for shorter people like my wife, home plate was very hard to see.

We would nicely ask the people in row 1 if they could sit back in their seat and since people have become more and more selfish and self centered, they would immediately start an argument with us. Seriously.

Forget about the product on the field in 2009, we were getting fustrated with the people in the stands.

We never thought to try to change our seats last season but I have a feeling they would have accomodate us.

When it came time to renew for 2010, I had a new ticket rep and I made it clear to him that I was not going to renew unless I was moved to another low row in the vicinity around home plate.

All payment deadlines came and went and I still didn’t renew. I kept on contact with my rep and found him to be empathetic to my situation and an all around nice guy to boot.

But I held firm and waited for the dust to settle on cancellations to see what seats opened up.

Finally in January, I got the call from my rep with several available options for relocation all around the area I wanted to relocate. He gladly obliged when I asked to come down to Citi Field and check everything out in person.

I was able to move a few rows back and 2 sections over…and I couldn’t be happier with my location.  I have a great view and right underneath my section is a mens room and great food & beer stands in the promenade food court.

Oh and my rep also offered to comp me a pair of good field level seats for any non-platinum game.   I am small potatoes to the Mets with my Promenade Reserved Infield tickets, the 2nd cheapest in the house but they have treated me like their best customer…and that’s what good customer service is all about.

I know the Mets organization is far from perfect but some people will complain about them just for the sake of complaining or they’ll get angry at the Mets over their own ignorance and negligence.   I have found the Mets ticket office  to be quite responsive to my requests/needs and I know of several of account holders who have had plenty of help when they need to be relocated due to certain circumstances.

If you are buying tickets from the Mets, do your homework about seat locations, build a relationship with  your rep, and keep in mind this winter when renewing your plan that it behooves you to not take the first location they offer you.  Better locations inevitably will open up once the renewal process is complete.


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