NY Post Needlessly Bashes Mets Yet Again

New York Post baseball columnist Joel Sherman takes ridiculous and unnecessary shots at Omar Minaya this morning regarding how he supposedly “mismanaged” the way in which Ike Davis was called up to the Mets yesterday.

Sherman’s point of contention was that after Mike Jacobs was DFA’d and Tobi Stoner was called up as a fresh arm in the bullpen following the marathon game in St. Louis on Saturday, another first baseman was needed.

Sherman writes:

A good organization would have pro-actively discussed just such a scenario, which would have triggered events Sunday night to have Davis on the first plane yesterday morning.

However, Mets general manager Omar Minaya told me he did not make his series of calls to get ownership’s blessings, and to explain the plan to Jerry Manuel and others in the organization until yesterday morning. So instead of making a crown jewel’s first day in the majors easier, the Mets turned it into an obstacle course.

An obstacle course?  Really Joel? REALLY?

The flight from Buffalo to LaGuardia takes about 1 hour and Davis’ flight landed at 2:33PM, 4 1/2 hours before the start of the game at Citi Field.  Citi Field is a 5 minute drive from La Guardia and I’m pretty sure the Mets arranged to have a car waiting for Davis at the airport.

That really sounds like one hell of an obstacle course!

There were a few earlier flights yesterday morning but 2 of them were quite early (6 AM & 8 AM) in the morning.  Perhaps Davis could have been on a flight that got into LGA 2 hours earlier but, in the end it doesn’t matter.

The rest of the column goes on to describe how Davis probably should have been with the Mets since Opening Day considering that Daniel Murphy is injured and Davis had a fantastic Spring Training.  Plus Sherman adds that Minaya’s reasoning for sending Davis to AAA doesn’t jive with the way the Mets have handled Jenrry Mejia thus far.

Unlike the flight nonsense that Sherman lead the column with, these are valid and logical points.  I am not sure if Sherman intended to tie in the flight timing to the bigger picture of the way Minaya and the Mets handle things but it came off as yet another unneccessary New York Post attack on the Mets organization.

The Post tends to attack and harp on certain things with the Mets that they ignore with the Yankees.  Last year, there were some construction issues like leaks in Jerry Seinfeld’s luxury suite at Citi Field that are normal in any new construction.  The Post thought the leaks were front page worthy.

Meanwhile, there have been cracks in the concrete ramps at the new Yankee Stadium that have gone COMPLETELY unreported by the NY Post…not even a blurb has appeared in the Post.  The way the Post treats the Yankees vs. the Mets, you would think the Yankees are an arm of the Republican Party and the Mets are run by the Democrats.

The Mets organization certainly deserves a good deal of criticism but for every valid critique in the media, there are 2 or 3 that just smell of piling on.  Maybe Sherman needed to fill some space in his column today and he took the low road but whatever the excuse, it was an amateurish effort.


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  1. Sherman’s just upset that he and the rest of the columnists/journalist/media out there had to wait around a couple of hours to get confirmation of a story. Their time is precious and there are deadlines to meet. Shame on the Mets for not adhering to Sherman’s schedule.

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